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“Para isso servem os livros, para caírem sobre nossas cabeças como pianos e estraçalharem, mesmo que temporariamente, tudo o que não for fundamental”

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“I am
a series of
small victories
and large defeats
and I am as
as any other
I have gotten
from there to

Charles Bukowski, The People Look Like Flowers At Last (via introspectivepoet)

“The flesh covers the bone and they put a mind in there and sometimes a soul, and the women break vases against the walls and the men drink too much and nobody finds the one. But keep looking, crawling in and out of beds. Flesh covers the bone and the flesh searches for more than flesh.”

Alone With Everybody, Charles Bukowski (via fleurlungs)

NOS Alive Arctic Monkeys - July 12th

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